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Santer named American Meteorological fellow

Aug. 3, 2017 -  
Renowned Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory atmospheric scientist Ben Santer has been selected as a fellow by the American Meteorological Society . AMS membership is divided roughly evenly among the public, private and academic sectors. The opportunities for achievements that match the...

It’s something in the water: LLNL scientists extract hydrogen as potential fuel source

Jul. 31, 2017 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL) scientists have developed a technique that helps extract hydrogen from water efficiently and cheaply. Hydrogen can be used as a clean fuel in fuel cells, which produce power, with water and heat as the only byproducts. As a zero-emission fuel, the...

Summer scholar purifies water with fibers

Jul. 26, 2017 -  
It all started for Mariana Lanzarini-Lopes as an undergraduate, cracking coconuts in the West Indies, seeing the effects of dysentery while working in a hospital in Africa and engineering a solar-powered refrigerator to keep medicine safe in Indian villages. This was the path that led the doctoral...

Conductivity key to mapping water inside Earth

Jul. 25, 2017 -  
Hydrogen at elevated temperature creates high electrical conductivity in the Earth’s mantle. New work by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) scientists shows the dispersal of water (incorporated as hydrogen in olivine, the most abundant mineral in the upper mantle), could account for...

Carbon nanotubes stand at attention

Jul. 24, 2017 -  
Just as members of a marching band align themselves for a performance, carbon nanotubes create a similar configuration. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) scientists recently used synchrotron X-ray scattering to fully capture the hierarchical structure in self-organized carbon nanotube...

Lab scientists dig in to geothermal systems

Jul. 21, 2017 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists play a significant role in a new project aimed at removing technical barriers to commercialize enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), a clean energy technology with the potential to power 100 million American homes. In the $9 million Department...

Lab scientist earns award for plasma physics

Jul. 19, 2017 -  
Though Dmitri Ryutov formally retired from Lawrenece Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) about a year ago, he maintains a close connection to the Lab via his visiting science professional (VSP) status. And for his work in plasma physics during his 22-year stint at LLNL and previous research at the...

Carbon nanotubes mimic biology

Jul. 6, 2017 -  
Proteins in lipid membranes are one of the fundamental building blocks of biological functionality. Lawrence Livermore researchers have figured out how to mimic their role using carbon nanotube porins. Using high-speed, atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM), the team showed that a new type of biomimetic...

Charcoal could limit uptake of radioactive elements into Marshall Islands food chain

Jun. 28, 2017 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have conducted a series of laboratory and field experiments that explore the effects of adding biochar, a porous charcoal that looks like black landscaping bark, to the soil to limit the cesium (Cs) uptake into foods grown in the Marshall...

Peering at the crystal structure of lithium

Jun. 22, 2017 -  
Elemental metals usually form simple, close-packed crystalline structures. Though lithium (Li) is considered a typical simple metal, its crystal structure at ambient pressure and low temperature remains unknown. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers recently came up with a...