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National Ignition Facility fires 300th shot in FY15

Aug. 18, 2015 -  
Last week, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) fired its 300th laser target shot in fiscal year (FY) 2015, meeting the year’s goal more than six weeks early. In comparison, the facility completed 191 target shots in FY 2014. Located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the NIF is the...

Researchers reveal new electron ring formations

Aug. 11, 2015 -  
Laser wakefield acceleration, a process where electron acceleration is driven by high-powered lasers, is well-known for being able to produce high-energy beams of electrons in tabletop-scale distances. However, in recent experiments, a team of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...

LLNL tops Physics of Plasma’s most-cited list

Jul. 30, 2015 -  
Physics of Plasmas ( PoP ), a peer-reviewed journal publishing original experimental and theoretical contributions in plasma physics, recently released a list of the most-cited papers for January-June 2015. Out of the 30 most-cited papers on the list, the top five had lead authors from Lawrence...

LLNL scientist awarded 2015 Fabre Prize

Jun. 25, 2015 -  
Pierre Michel, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), has been awarded the 2015 Edouard Fabre Prize for his pioneering research into energy transfer between crossing laser beams in National Ignition Facility (NIF) hohlraums. Named for one of the founders of inertial...

Dante: Measuring NIF’s inferno

Jun. 10, 2015 -  
The smooth blue sphere of the National Ignition Facility 's (NIF) target chamber bristles with diagnostics — nuclear, optical and X-ray instruments that together provide some 300 channels for experimental data. These diagnostics provide vital information to help NIF scientists understand how well...
nuclear counting

Supplying the ‘life-blood’ of science

May. 29, 2015 -  
Located one-and-a-half floors underground in LLNL's Bldg. 151, the Nuclear Counting Facility (NCF) leverages its well-shielded, low-background environment to accurately measure nuclear materials for the National ignition Facility (NIF) and a variety of other Laboratory programs. The NCF has been...
Centaurus A

Lawrence Livermore scientists move one step closer to mimicking gamma-ray bursts

May. 27, 2015 -  
Using ever more energetic lasers, Lawrence Livermore researchers have produced a record high number of electron-positron pairs, opening exciting opportunities to study extreme astrophysical processes, such as black holes and gamma-ray bursts. By performing experiments using three laser systems —...
The Optics Whisperer: Master Optician Hones His Art at LLNL

The art of hand-polishing precision optics

May. 22, 2015 -  
Growing up in a household of artists and engineers, Peter Thelin was destined for a career in which artistry mattered. Only for him, art has come in the form of manipulating the shapes, sizes and qualities of optics . And now, as one of the few remaining practitioners of hand-polishing optics,...