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Science bowl finalists take on cyber challenge

May. 10, 2018 -  
For the second year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) staff and Cyber Defender students conducted the CyberCraft Cyber Challenge for the middle school finalists at the National Science Bowl ® (NSB). CyberCraft is a “Jeopardy Show-like,” question-and-answer-style Capture the Flag...

Persistence prevails at Hackathon

Apr. 27, 2018 -  
All hackathons at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) have common elements -- energized conversations, tangled laptop cords, plenty of food, horseplay and hijinks -- but each occasion is unique. These triannual events pack a variety of projects and new ideas into a 24-hour period. The...

DOE announces request for proposal for LLNL's next-generation exascale supercomputer

Apr. 9, 2018 -  
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry today announced the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of at least two new exascale supercomputers, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ’s next-generation system code-named “El Capitan.” Scheduled to be deployed at Lawrence...
data science institute

Lab's Data Science Institute brings best minds in AI, machine learning under one umbrella

Apr. 3, 2018 -  
Machine learning. Deep learning. Artificial intelligence. Computer vision. Big data analytics. These aren’t just techie buzzwords — they’re all areas of research that fall under the sweeping term “data science.” So how does a national laboratory, with researchers exploring all of these areas and...

Machine learning models could save lives through personalized sepsis diagnostics

Apr. 4, 2018 -  
Researchers and clinicians may be able to track the progression of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition characterized by an extreme reaction to infection, with more precision and confidence using machine learning models developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) in...

Breaking the Law: Lawrence Livermore, Department of Energy look to shatter Moore’s Law through quantum computing

Mar. 19, 2018 -  
The laws of quantum physics impact daily life in rippling undercurrents few people are aware of, from the batteries in our smartphones to the energy generated from solar panels. As the Department of Energy ( DOE ) and its national laboratories explore the frontiers of quantum science, such as...

Lawrence Livermore scientists link up with Global Women in Data Science conference

Mar. 14, 2018 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) High Performance Computing Innovation Center hosted a regional event on Mach. 5 tied in with Stanford University’s annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference. Nearly 70 attendees, mostly women Livermore and Sandia national laboratory employees,...

DOE seeks industry partners for HPC research on materials in applied energy technologies

Feb. 28, 2018 -  
The Department of Energy ( DOE ) today announced a funding opportunity totaling $3 million to support projects between U.S. industry and DOE national laboratories related to improving materials in severe or complex environments through the new High Performance Computing for Materials in Applied...

DOE, VA meet to address veterans' challenges through supercomputing technologies

Feb. 16, 2018 -  
Officials and top scientists with the Department of Energy ( DOE ), Department of Veterans Affairs ( VA ) and several national labs gathered at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) earlier this month for a two-day event to discuss using supercomputing, machine learning, artificial...

LLNL/U.K. officials ink agreement to collaborate on HPC research, ensure competitiveness

Feb. 14, 2018 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) and the United Kingdom’s governing body for scientific research on Monday announced the signing of a new three-year agreement aimed at improving U.S. and U.K. industries through high performance computing, promoting research collaborations and...