Sept. 15, 2000

Report Validates that the National Ignition Facility is on Track

( Note: On September 15, DOE released the final rebaseline report for the National Ignition Facility. It included an independent, technical review that confirmed NIF could "move ahead with confidence." The report can be found at Pictures of the National Ignition Facility can be found at:

The following statement was issued by Dr. C. Bruce Tarter, director of LLNL, in response:

"We are pleased that the Department of Energy has validated the go-forward plan for the NIF and reaffirmed the importance of the facility for the nations' Stockpile Stewardship Program. The Department has submitted the new baseline to Congress with supporting documentation -- including the very positive results of the Carlson-Lehman Review. This review, recommended by the GAO and the Secretary of Energy's Advisory Board, was an independent, high-quality, intensive and rigorous process using experts from industry, academia and other DOE laboratories. Their report concluded that the project plan was credible, that we have an outstanding technical and management team, and that the cost and schedule proposal is valid.

The entire NIF team and the Laboratory is eager to move forward to finish this strategic national asset."

C. Bruce Tarter
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory