Dec. 4, 2009
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Officers aim to energize women's association

The newly elected officers of the Lawrence Livermore Lab Women's Association (LLLWA) may be just starting out in their key positions. But, they are definitely keyed in to the needs of Lab women, as well as dedicated to maintaining the 38-year old association's commitment as a vital resource for its membership.

For Norma McTyer, president, it's all about "giving back" to the LLLWA that once presented her a scholarship to help along her career path. McTyer and her fellow officers — Sharon Beall, vice-president; Cindy Kelley-Clark, secretary; and Sharice Tippens, treasurer;  are excited and motivated about some of the new, as well as time-tested, ideas they will be rolling out during their term.

High on their "to do" list is recapturing the membership numbers of the past. To this end, they will start by increasing the communication to both current and prospective members. Kelley-Clark says she hopes "to make the association more visible by helping to organize activities and events."

Plans include bringing back a quarterly newsletter, now via a more up-to-date method. Out with the hard copies, and in with an online version — easy on the environment, easy to access and better suited for the times.

The monthly lecture series will be re-established and feature interesting speakers and topics appropriate for both women and men of the Lab. "We want to encourage men to join," McTyer adds.

Tippens, the newly elected treasurer, and a firm believer in encouraging male membership, views this invitation as only natural. "We're a melting pot here at the Lab and we (men and women) are involved in opportunities to work together as a team; to work together collectively," she said.

Along with highlighting business- and administratively-related careers, the women are hopeful of rekindling interest from the technical side of the house by reinstituting the "WISE" (Women in Science and Engineering) committee that will offer more technical talks designed to showcase the contributions and achievements of women at LLNL. Beall believes that this forum will create "a great networking opportunity for its members."

A "New Mom's" support group already is making in-roads at the Lab, according to McTyer.  Geared for new mothers and moms-to-be, the group gathers to support and discuss common issues that impact working mothers.

Want to attend the next LLLWA board meeting, but can't take time away from your busy job? The association now offers a teleconferencing feature, whereby any member can "dial in" from on or off site to listen and participate.

With a fresh year ahead, the new slate of officers of the Lab Women's Association is excited and energized about their hopes and plans for what's in store for new and current members.

For more information about the LLLWA and how to join, contact the membership chair Carolyn Chezik at 2-8669.