May 8, 2009

NNSA releases FY2010 budget request

President Obama's FY2010 budget request, submitted to Congress Thursday, includes $9.9 billion to support the National Nuclear Security Administration's efforts to maintain a safe, secure and reliable nuclear deterrent without nuclear testing; reduce the global threat posed by nuclear weapons and proliferation; and provide safe and effective nuclear propulsion for the U. S. Navy.

"This budget is the first step in implementing President Obama's historic commitment to nuclear security, which includes bold steps to put an end to Cold War thinking and lead a new international effort to enhance global security," NNSA Administrator Tom D'Agostino said.  "Even as we look forward to meeting future needs once the Nuclear Posture Review is complete, this budget continues our commitment to the outstanding science, technology and engineering required to meet our current needs for nuclear security."

The FY2010 budget request comes as the administration is working on a series of national reviews that will articulate a new strategic vision that places the stewardship of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, nonproliferation programs and international arms control objectives into one comprehensive strategy. When those strategic reviews are complete, NNSA will review and adjust its out-year budgets and programs to right-size the nuclear security enterprise to the policy objectives defined by the president.

In the meantime, the FY2010 budget request continues NNSA's commitment to the science, technology and engineering that forms the basis for its transition from a Cold War nuclear weapons complex to a 21st century nuclear security enterprise that supports nonproliferation, counterterrorism, forensics and incident response initiatives. It includes $2.1 billion for programs to help prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and reduce the threat posed by unsecure or excess nuclear materials around the world.

As part of NNSA's core national security mission, the budget request also includes $6.3 billion to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation's nuclear stockpile without nuclear testing and maintain the best science, technology and engineering in the world, which underpin the nation's national nuclear security policies and protections. The out-year projections in this year's budget request reflect a continuation of current programs and services pending further national nuclear policy direction expected during 2009.

To ensure the NNSA's ability to provide the U.S. Navy with safe, military effective nuclear propulsion plants, the budget requests more than $1 billion for naval reactors, an increase of 21 percent over the FY2009 appropriations. This includes additional funding to design and deliver a new reactor core and propulsion plant to support the next-generation submarine design.

To see the full NNSA FY2010 budget request, go to the NNSA Website.