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February 15, 2001

White House Asks David M. Cooper To Serve On PITAC Again

LIVERMORE, Calif. —Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Dr. David M. Cooper has been invited by George W. Bush to continue to serve on the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee.

PITAC was established in February 1997 to advise the White House on information-technology matters, including economic and workforce issues, high-end supercomputing, software, scalable infrastructure, modes of research, funding and management. It was then that Cooper began working on PITAC, co-chairing the High Performance Computing and Communications Subcommittee.

At Livermore, Cooper serves as Associate Director for Scientific Computing and CIO. He was honored in July 2000 by Computer World magazine as one of the "Premier 100 Information Technology" leaders globally, and the only representative from the government sector among them.

Cooper came to the Laboratory from NASA, where he led computational efforts that landed a man on the moon. Now he's building the world’s fastest computers to simulate nuclear weapons—racing Moore's Law to reach 100-T-Flops (trillion floating-operations-per-second) in the next three years. During spare moments Cooper serves on the SC2001Executive Committee, the international high-performance computing and communication conference scheduled for November 10-16, in Denver.

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