New issue of S&TR now online

Sept. 3, 2012

New issue of S&TR now online

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The Laboratory marked its 60th anniversary Sept. 2. The September 2012 issue of Science & Technology Review commemorates the 60th anniversary with a special commentary by Director Parney Albright: "Honoring the Past with a Look to the Future." Sidebars throughout the issue highlight 60 years of national service and future directions for our mission-related research.

The September issue's cover story "Building New Vaccines for the 21st Century" reports on a "platform" developed by Livermore scientists that uses nanolipoprotein particles to hold and deliver vaccines against infectious diseases. A feature article describes the high-energy-density science campaigns that have demonstrated the National Ignition Facility's ability to perform precise experiments relevant to stockpile stewardship and basic science research. A highlight reports on a new supercomputer code called Cardioid that realistically mimics the electrophysiology of a beating human heart. A second highlight describes how improved computational codes are being applied to address key national security problems.

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