Oct. 15, 2012

New issue of Science & Technology Review now online

The October/November 2012 issue of Science & Technology Review is now online.

This issue features Livermore's six R&D 100 Award winners for technologically significant products and processes: a power divertor for nuclear fusion reactors, a method to produce protective coatings that prevent surface degradation in extreme environments, a beam-shaping device to improve laser beam performance and operational reliability, plastic scintillators for neutron and gamma-ray discrimination, a protective coating to extend the life of steel components that experience high-impact forces, and a portable optical velocimetry system for shock-physics experiments.

In addition, a highlight describes a new diagnostic called the all-optical probe dome used to measure material implosions at unprecedented velocities in a subscale integrated weapons experiment. A second highlight reports on how computational chemistry offers an accurate and efficient method for exploring the complex behavior of chemical warfare agents.

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