Sept. 7, 2001

Majority of employees 'proud to be associated' with Lab— Lab will decipher data to decide course of action

After the results from the employee survey, "Assessing the Workplace" were unveiled, Associate Director for Administration Jan Tulk assured employees gathered in the Bldg. 123 auditorium and watching on live Lab TV that action will be forthcoming based on those results.

Tulk thanked employees for "exceeding expectations" on the number of responses, totaling 70 percent of the Lab’s population.

"We have a full suite of data, and are forming focus groups and taking recommendations from individuals and management to develop definite follow-on actions," she said. "We really want to address these issues in a timely and constructive manner. Our goal is to have a plan by February on how to best move forward."

Tulk emphasized that anyone wishing to participate in the focus groups or recommend feedback on the survey results can send an e-mail to her or to Jeff Wadsworth, deputy director for Science and Technology and Tulk’s co-chair for formulating recommendations.

All employees can review the complete survey data by clicking on the survey icon on the Grapevine Website, The verbatim comments, filling more than 1,500 pages, will be available for employee perusal at the TID Library once ISR, the survey company, removes all references to personal identification.