Oct. 5, 2017

A look back at '65 Years of Excellence'

For 65 years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been making history and making a difference. The outstanding efforts by a dedicated workforce have led to many remarkable accomplishments.

The Laboratory’s rich history includes many interwoven stories—from the first nuclear test failure to accomplishments meeting today’s challenges. Throughout its wide range of research activities, Livermore has achieved breakthroughs in applied and basic science, remarkable feats of engineering, and extraordinary advances in experimental and computational capabilities.

In honor the Lab’s 65th anniversary, a story for each year has been selected. Together, these stories provide a sense of Lawrence Livermore — its lasting focus on important missions, dedication to scientific and technical excellence, and drive to make the world more secure and a better place to live.

These 20th-century stories are now twice told. A first edition of this collection was issued in 2002, at the time of the Laboratory’s 50th anniversary. Nearly a generation has passed since then, and more recent remarkable stories have been added. See the book.