May 4, 2000


LIVERMORE, Calif. - Dr. David M. Cooper, Associate Director forComputation and Chief Information Officer at DOE's Lawrence LivermoreNational Laboratory's has been named by Computerworld magazine as oneof the "Premier 100 Information Technology Leaders for 2000."

In the May 8 issue, Cooper is one of only ten featured honoreesprofiled in the publication, as well as on their web-site at . He is also the only representativefrom any government agency or national laboratory. In June, he willjoin the others at a conference honoring their selection.

The 100 honorees were chosen based on a 15-point criteria definedby Computerworld's editorial research unit. The criteria focused oncharacteristics that describe individuals who develop or maximize thebenefits of Information Technology. The top executives who mostclosely mapped with this I.T. leadership-index were selected.

"For the Premier 100, Computerworld set out on an ambitiousproject to define who the most influential I.T. Leaders are and whatmakes them tick," said editor-in-chief Maryfran Johnson. "Thedramatic technological changes that Lawrence Livermore NationalLaboratory has made under David Cooper's leadership exemplifies whatComputerworld looks for in its 'Premier 100' honorees. Cooper iscertainly a leader in the Information Technology field. We thought herepresented the best of what I.T. has to offer and belonged in thisyear's 'Premier 100.'"

"I feel very honored to have been selected by Computerworld forthe 'Premier 100,'" Cooper said, "however this is not so much aboutme, but a recognition of the superb work performed by the ComputationDirectorate staff."

As yet another national honor, Cooper was recently re-appointedfor a second term on President Clinton's Information TechnologyAdvisory Committee. Cooper has served there since February 1997 asco-chair of the subcommittee on High Performance Computing andCommunications. Prior to joining the Laboratory, Cooper worked for 33years at the NASA Ames Research Center in California.

Photo of Dr. David Cooper