LLNLreceives approval on Workforce Restructuring Plan

April 15, 2008

LLNLreceives approval on Workforce Restructuring Plan

LIVERMORE, Calif. –Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory received approval today from the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration for its Workforce Restructuring Plan. The approval now allows the Laboratory to prepare an Involuntary Separation Program (ISP) for up to 535 career-indefinite employees.

The involuntary separation process is part of the Lab’s integrated plan to respond to a significant budget shortfall associated with a decline in federal funding and increased costs due to the management/contract change that occurred in October 2007.

“The Laboratory has launched a two-prong effort to restructure the workforce and dramatically cut operating and support costs. Organizational and facility consolidations have occurred and the Lab is implementing best industry practices such as metric-based delivery of support services,” said George Miller, Laboratory director.

The NNSA/DOE approval for Livermore’s ISP marks the third phase in the Lab’s overall workforce restructuring process. In November 2007, the Laboratory announced plans for a workforce reduction program that consisted of three phases. The first phase was the initial release of approximately 500 individuals within the flexible-term and supplemental-labor workforce. The second phase was the offer of a voluntary separation program for employees within the career-indefinite workforce. That plan was offered in February 2008 and 215 employees volunteered for that option. When combined with attrition, approximately 900 employees have departed from the Laboratory.

“It is important that we put our Laboratory in a position to compete and excel in the future,” Miller said. “Implementing an involuntary separation is not a decision I take lightly, but our Laboratory must be agile enough to respond to the challenges facing our nation. We are on the right path forward to do that while continuing to offer exceptional science and technology that anticipates, innovates and delivers for our country.”

Founded in 1952, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a national security laboratory, with a mission to ensure national security and apply science and technology to the important issues of our time. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is managed by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration.