LLNL Statement on Miklosy/Messina Allegations

Feb. 10, 2004

LLNL Statement on Miklosy/Messina Allegations

The news release issued today by Gary Gwilliam on behalf of his clients Les Miklosy and Lucianna Messina does not represent an accurate account of either the National Ignition Facility (NIF) project and its current status, or those individuals' employment circumstances.

Mr. Miklosy was a flex-term employee who was terminated for performance reasons. His performance deficiencies were noted well before he raised any issues regarding NIF. Ms. Messina, a personal friend and business partner of Mr. Miklosy, resigned voluntarily the day Mr. Miklosy was terminated. Ms. Messina was asked by Laboratory managers to return to work, and was assured that she was considered a valued employee and that her job was secure. Had she not resigned, she would likely still be working at the Laboratory today.

LLNL's investigation of Mr. Miklosy’s concerns concluded that his allegations were not valid and that the NIF project was adhering to appropriate standards. Independently, the DOE and the Inspector General's office reviewed the same concerns expressed by Mr. Miklosy, and also concluded there was no merit.

Since 2000, NIF has been one of the most thoroughly reviewed scientific projects in the nation. It continues to meet or exceed all milestones, earn high marks for project management, engineering, safety and technical achievements and is the cornerstone of the nation's stockpile stewardship program. Over the past year NIF has successfully activated its first four laser beams and has conducted over 200 shots, including two successful target experimental campaigns, using the very same equipment that Mr. Miklosy claims will not work.

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