Jan. 10, 2000


"I have personally reviewed the SEAB Interim Report, as have oursenior managers. Because it is an interim report, it would bepremature to comment on the specific recommendations.

However, we agree, as cited in DOE's recent 30-day StockpileStewardship Study, that NIF is one of the 'most vital facilities inthe Stockpile Stewardship Program,' and, as John McTague, Chairman ofthe SEAB Committee said, 'it is a challenging state of the artscience project.'

We also concur with the SEAB Report that there are 'no technicalor managerial obstacles' that prevent NIF's successful completion andwe remain committed to building a strong project management team andimplementing appropriate corrective actions to get NIF back ontrack.

We look forward to continuing our work on this project with theDepartment of Energy, the University of California, and theSecretary's Energy Advisory Council."

Bruce Tarter
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

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