Nov. 15, 2013
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LLNL signs agreement with maker of big data software

Don Johnston, johnston19 [at], 925-423-4902

The Laboratory will evaluate the topological data analysis software produced by Ayasdi for tackling big data problems under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed at LLNL Thursday.

Ayasdi's Insight Discovery platform uses Topological Data Analysis (TDA) combined with an ensemble of machine learning techniques to enable data scientists, domain experts and business people to extract insights from their data without the need to write code, queries or ask questions.

"Like many organizations today, we deal with big data problems in multiple dimensions across our mission areas," said Anantha Krishnan, director of LLNL's Office of Mission Innovation. "By combining LLNL's powerful computing and scientific infrastructure with Ayasdi's innovative machine learning platform, we aim to better understand the information in complex data sets that, previously, we could only comprehend in limited or abstract ways."

Noting that "everybody has a big data program," Mike Gormley, Ayasdi vice president for Government Services, said many organizations do not exploit the data they've generated and stored, a problem Ayasdi's products are meant to address. "To develop the technology it makes sense for us to work with a place with Livermore's domain expertise and computing power."

Nancy Suski of LLNL, who championed the MOU, said there's broad interest at the Lab in ways to address big data problems from national security and bioscience to the energy management, clean air and transportation challenges facing urban centers.

The MOU was signed by Krishnan for LLNL and Ayasdi co-founder Gunnar Carlsson.

Krishnan noted that the purpose of the Office of Mission Innovation that he heads is to "explore high risk/high impact capabilities and tools and champion the next wave of technology," which in turn can lead to growth of "new business opportunities" for the Laboratory.

For more on the collaboration, see the Ayasdi press announcement