LLNL receives three environmental awards from NNSA

May 1, 2012

LLNL receives three environmental awards from NNSA

Linda A Lucchetti, lucchetti1@llnl.gov, 925-422-5815
The Lab has been recognized by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for three of its environmental stewardship efforts.

The NNSA announced in a press release the Pollution Prevention Awards (P2) given to its national laboratories and sites for innovative initiatives. The P2 awards recognize performance in integrating environmental stewardship practices that helps to reduce risk, protect natural resources and enhance site operations.

This year, NNSA awarded 12 nominations to receive Best in Class awards and 12 Environmental Stewardship awards out of a total of 40 nominations submitted in 10 award categories.

The Lab receives recognition for the following:

Innovative green cleaning at NIF

LLNL's National Ignition Facility (NIF) -- home to the world's largest laser -- houses 192 precision aligned laser beams in two bays under tight, environmentally controlled conditions. Extreme cleanliness is required as any bit of debris, oil or other wayward material could cause the laser light to damage the optics.

The NIF Class 10000 clean room environment maintained throughout the facility is the same level of cleanliness you might find in a hospital operating theatre, permitting no more than 10,000 particles larger than 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air. Custodial operations in this huge environment require a talented and innovative crew. Leading that crew is Dexter Lenoir, who has made significant changes in both cleaning products and methods, which have resulted in improved worker health and safety as well as reduced environmental impacts from custodial operations.

Participants include: Dexter Lenoir -- Cleanroom Custodian supervisor (primary/lead); Custodial staff: Rochelle Aguilar, Ramon Martinez, Erik Simmons, Chelle Blocker, Camerino Gutierrez ,Joseph Chilton, Janet Cortez, Gary Brown, Judith Juarez, Sobhana Singh, Ronald Washington, Lorraine Rivera, Dana Spence, Myrna Gutierrez, Sharmila Deo and Samuel Fuller. Deanna Peterson, CP coordinator; Jim Pryatel, CP manager; Mitch Neto, Site Logistic manager; and Chuck Ellerbee.

Fresh@ the Labs - a Farmers Market collaboration (joint award with Sandia National Laboratory/California (SNL/CA)

People worldwide are rediscovering the many benefits of buying local food. Lawrence Livermore and Sandia national laboratories partnered to bring these benefits directly to the laboratory communities with Fresh @ the Labs, a Farmers' Market program.

The Farmers' Market, held on the fourth Tuesday of the month from July 2011 through October 2011, was a highly successful partnership between the two labs that promoted community collaboration, employee health, a life convenience and environmental sustainability.

The LLNL and SNL/CA pilot saw more than 2,000 attendees interacting with 20 Bay Area vendors to purchase fresh and local fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, flowers, eco bags and more. Adding to the festive experience were gourmet lunch vendors, cooking demonstrations and live music.

Participants include: LLNL: Susane Head, Phil Arzino, Orlando Soto, Melissa Sale, Kristine Krider, Carol Sandoli, Thom Kato and Heather Ottaway. Sandia/CA: Morgan Edwinson, Emily Thompson, Rachel Connors, Dorrance Mclean and Teresa Price.

Hydrogen shuttle bus collaborative project (joint award with Sandia/CA)

In FY11, LLNL and Sandia (SNL/CA) collaborated on a Department of Energy (DOE) supported program to demonstrate the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

This program was administered by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Program, and supported the early market adoption of these technologies. Two hydrogen buses, one a 12-passenger and a second 8-passenger with wheel chair capability were integrated into the LLNL taxi fleet used to transport employees at both the LLNL and SNL/CA laboratories.

In addition to use as employee shuttles on and off campus, the buses also were showcased throughout the local community to help raise public awareness of the benefits and safety of hydrogen technologies.

The hydrogen buses reduced the use of traditional diesel-powered buses onsite and were among the most heavily used in the DOE bus demonstration program, logging a combined 7,561 miles.

This translated into a savings of approximately 8,000 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to diesel-powered buses. These vehicles achieve near-zero regulated emissions (below Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle regulations for oxides of nitrogen) and no CO2 emissions.

Participants include: LLNL: Chris Ahrens, Kevin Akey, Tom Altenbach, Jose Alvarez, Traci Bailey, Alex Ballard, Jim Bono, Paul Borenstein, Don Boyd, Sabre Coleman, Harold Conner, Robert Dayton, Ken Foote, Jerrel Gayle, Bob Glass (primary/lead), Brian Goodman, Karen Hawk, Theresa Healy, Lisa Hornett, Mark Johnson, Robin Ladd, Collin Lau, Danny Laycak, Renelda Lechner-Strand, Gary Linney, Linda Lucchetti, Chin Ma, Bill Maciel, Mike Mathis, Kelly Miller, Mark Mitchell, Son Nguyen, Jose Pineda, David Pinkston, Crystal Quinly, Jane Randolph, Tim Ross, Sal Ruiz, David Shaughnessy Sky Tsan, Will Venski, Howard Walls, Jim Watson, Robert Weaver and Bill Whalen. SNL/CA: Kelly Doty, Mike Janes, Lennie Klebanoff (primary/lead) and Erik Ridley.