Feb. 20, 2002

LLNL Hosts Discussion on Better Materials to Reduce the Threat From Terrorism

What: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will host a talk entitled "Materials for Antiterrorism and Other Critical National Needs."
Who: Toni Grobstein Marechaux of the National Research Council and director of the National Materials Advisory Board
When: Thursday, Feb. 21, at 3 p.m.
Where: Building 543, Auditorium, LLNL

The talk, sponsored by the Lab’s Materials Science and Technology Division, will focus on improvements to biological weapons sensors, imaging technology for reliable airport baggage screening and stronger materials that are harder to breach, damage and are less susceptible to fire. Marechaux says today’s materials scientists and materials processing community must help counter the threat from terrorists’ use of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear material and high-yield explosive devices by developing new materials and processing science to meet that need.

Press members interested in attending the panel discussion need to contact the LLNL Public Affairs Office at (925) 424-4822 to make arrangements.

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