Livermore votes in favor of annexing LLNL, Sandia

March 16, 2011

Livermore votes in favor of annexing LLNL, Sandia

The Livermore City Council has voted unanimously in favor of annexing land that includes the Lawrence Livermore and Sandia California laboratory sites.

The Local Agency Formation Commission, which has the final say in all proposed boundary changes, now must decide whether to support the measure. The agency is expected to consider the city's bid for annexation in May.

The vote is another step for Livermore's effort to bring into the city's border 1,022 acres east of Vasco Road, south of Patterson Pass Road and west of Greenville Road.

Included is a 1,017-acre stretch occupied by Sandia California and Lawrence Livermore labs, two privately owned parcels totaling five acres and a Greenville Road right-of-way.

The city says it does not intend to change the fees paid by LLNL to government as a result of this action.

T hrough annexation Livermore hopes to fix a large area in the southeast corner of the city where the limit is not aligned with the urban growth boundary. Boundary alignment "adds clarity and direction in the implementation of city policies," according to staff reports.

Annexation also would help facilitate the up-and-coming Innovation for Green Advanced Transportation Excellence Innovation Hub -- a regional partnership of more than 30 agencies and organizations in the East Bay. The goal of the program, which is expected to foster the creation of more than 5,000 jobs and have a fiscal effect of more than $1 billion in the region over the next five years, is to build groundbreaking partnerships between the labs, academia and the private sector around green transportation technology. As the areas on and around lab properties are developed, having the facilities within city limits will give the city of Livermore a stronger position to discuss possible effects on streets and neighborhoods, officials have said.