Sept. 11, 2001

Laboratory Response to Terrorist Emergency–Update–


  • UPDATE: The Laboratory remains open for essential functions under enhanced security operations.
    - Truck deliveries are being searched before acceptance.
    - Security checks have been moved to the outer perimeter.
    - Security force is at a heightened security level.
    - South Mall area is closed to public access.

  • We have no reason to believe that the Laboratory or its employees have been targeted.

  • The Emergency Management Center has been activated as a precautionary measure, and to coordinate communications and security activities.

  • Non-essential employees may go home and return to work tomorrow, unless otherwise notified.

  • Measures are under way to determine the welfare of Laboratory employees on travel and arrange for their safe return.

  • UPDATE : The Laboratory Visitors Center will be closed today.

  • UPDATE: The Lab’s National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center. remains on alert, monitoring the two areas for 24 hours, ready to make calculations should they be required to do so.