Lab rolls out hydrogen taxis

Jan. 12, 2011

The Lab has introduced hydrogen buses to the taxi shuttle fleet at the main site. The vehicles run on pure hydrogen, resulting in near zero CO2 emissions. Photo by Jacqueline McBride/Newsline (Download Image)

Lab rolls out hydrogen taxis

Linda A Lucchetti,, 925-422-5815
Employees may notice a new look to two of the vehicles that provide taxi shuttle service at the Lab's main site: As the banners on these taxis indicate, they run on pure hydrogen. This results in near zero CO 2 emissions at the point source.

These hydrogen taxis are part of a DOE-funded deployment of hydrogen powered vehicles and fueling infrastructure at nine federal facilities across the country to demonstrate this market-ready advanced technology.  Produced and leased by Ford Motor Company , one 12- passenger bus and one nine-passenger bus with wheelchair capability will complement LLNL's  existing diesel-fueled taxis. They are part of LLNL's strategy for an energy sustainable future and a cleaner environment.

With very few cost and technical issues limiting commercialization and deployment, hydrogen-powered vehicles can help create the demand needed to support the development of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure. The taxis will be refueled on site using technology supplied by Air Products.

The project is funded by the DOE Office of and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fuel Cell Technologies Program. The DOE is actively engaged in market transformation efforts to demonstrate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and educate the public about the safety, energy security and environmental advantages of hydrogen as a transportation fuel.

The project is a collaboration between Lawrence Livermore and Sandia national laboratories. The taxis will offer the opportunity for Lab personnel and the public to learn more about hydrogen fueled vehicles. Several educational community outreach activities are being planned for the future. Look for updates in Newsline .