Lab rider scores victory at Livermore Rodeo

June 7, 2012

Lab rider scores victory at Livermore Rodeo

Robert H Hirschfeld,, 925-422-2379

Lynda Seaver, the deputy director for Public Affairs, was the big winner at Wednesday's kickoff of the Livermore Rodeo.

Seaver finished in first place in the Greenhorn event, otherwise known as Team Penning. (See the video) .

The competition involves a pair of experienced riders on horseback picking two specific calves from a group of 20 at one end of the arena, and herding them into a paddock at the opposite end, in as short a time as possible. The greenhorn rider is positioned to block the calves from escaping.

Two other Lab employees also took part, among the total of 20 teams.

Craig Schoendienst, resource manager for the Director's Office, and his team successfully corralled the calves in under two minutes.

Jared Sadtler, an intern in the Chemical Sciences Division of the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate, and his team finished out of the running after their calves eluded capture.

Seaver's team included longtime rodeo riders Lance Barsnick and Nicole Baldridge. Their time was a near-record 50.3 seconds. 

Her first-place prize was a massive shiny silver-plated belt buckle, emblazoned with the rodeo logo and assorted designs.

"My rookie debut also marks the end of my rodeo career," Seaver said. "It was a lot of fun but I have my teammates to thank."

The Livermore rodeo continues at Robertson Park through Sunday, June 10.