Feb. 2, 2001

Lab to celebrate its science

The Laboratory will showcase its latest scientific and technological accomplishments for employees, Department of Energy dignitaries and invited guests during a special "Science Day," scheduled for Wednesday, March 21.

"We are looking forward to this event as a great opportunity to highlight our scientific and technological achievements with invited guests and our employees," said Jeff Wadsworth, deputy director for Science and Technology.

"This day is really about science and technology. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the great science and technology we do here at the Lab," added Rokaya Al-Ayat, director of the Laboratory Science and Technology Office. We hope that all employees will take this opportunity to see first-hand some of the great S&T being conducted in the rest of the Laboratory."

The day will include presentations by Laboratory scientists as well as talks by Gen. John Gordon, administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration; James Decker, acting director of the DOE Office of Science; Lab Director Bruce Tarter; and Wadsworth. A poster session will also be available. The poster session presents an opportunity for one-on-one interactions and will include a spectrum of posters, video displays and demonstrations of hardware and instrumentation representing all Laboratory programs and directorates.

Al-Ayat emphasized that Science Day is for LLNL scientists and engineers. "Employees are invited to participate in the poster session, to host someone they collaborate with at another institution who would be interested in what we do here, or to attend the event. I hope employees will be actively involved in the day."

All of the talks will be given in the Bldg. 123 auditorium and will be broadcast live on Lab TV once the auditorium is full, Al-Ayat said. The poster session, which will feature 30-40 posters, will be on display nearby.

The theme of the formal presentations is "Scientific Supercomputing — Meeting the Next Decade’s National Challenges via Integration of Theory, Experiments and Large Scale Simulation." Selected topics include computational turbulence, climate and weather prediction, seismic modeling, and computational biology, among others.

"We wanted to find a theme that would include as many people and as much research as possible. Given that we have one of the largest computers right now, we chose supercomputing," Al-Ayat said. "The talks will be given on representative topics that show the power of supercomputing at the Lab. We wanted to capture the broad range of the Lab’s work."

The idea for Science Day was developed last year in discussions with Gen. Gordon and Millie Dresselhaus, MIT professor and former director of the DOE Office of Science, as a way to showcase and celebrate the science and technology at DOE labs.

The DOE national security laboratories were scheduled first with Sandia National Laboratories holding its Science Day in December; Los Alamos National Laboratory is scheduled to hold its event on Feb. 13. Similar Science Day events will be scheduled at other DOE laboratories in the coming months.

To plan this event, a committee is in place representing all Laboratory directorates and disciplines. For more information, for the name of your directorate representative or to offer suggestions about the day, contact Tracey Barnes at the Laboratory Science and Technology Office, 2-5214 or barnes22 [at] llnl.gov ( ) . A Website is under development, which will have the program and agenda (as they develop) and allow for input and/or comments regarding Science