March 8, 2002

The Lab's 'A' List

1. Work to make the five-year NNSA/DP stockpile stewardship program plan a reality.
2. Meet all the project and program milestones for NIF.
3. Build a strong counter-terrorism program that responds to the wide range of needs and opportunities.
4. Meet the UC goals: Appendix O, enhanced system efficiency in operations, and program integration where appropriate.
5. Implement the recommendations from the employee survey.
6. Keep the site safe and secure and maintain our record of excellence by passing all operational reviews.
7. Develop new strategies for growing initiatives in non-nuclear defense, energy, environment, and the physical and biosciences.
8. Award the contract for the supercomputer that will replace ASCI White and continue and expand the Lab’s broad national leadership role in supercomputing.
9. With the new Director, engage in a strategic planning effort that sets directions and commits the Laboratory to a common set of institutional goals.
10. Use the 50th anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on our history and gain a renewed sense of commitment to the missions of the Laboratory.