March 6, 2023
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HPCwire names LLNL’s Terri Quinn among 2023 'People to Watch'

Jeremy Thomas, thomas244 [at], (925) 422-5539

The publication HPCwire today announced Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Deputy Associate Director for High Performance Computing (HPC) Terri Quinn has been named among its “People to Watch” for 2023.

Celebrating its 21st year, the annual HPCwire program recognizes HPC professionals who play leading roles in driving innovation within their chosen fields and make significant contributions to society in general. To date, the publication has recognized 200 people in HPC for their achievements, including luminaries from leadership HPC centers, technology companies and community-led projects.

“I am delighted to be recognized by HPCwire,” Quinn said. “I feel the recognition has as much to do with the stature of Livermore Computing as the opportunity I’ve had to contribute. I was nudged into HPC early in my career, expecting to move on in a few years. But once I got involved, I was hooked and didn’t want to leave. I was fortunate to get that first nudge.”

In her role as Livermore’s deputy AD of HPC, Quinn establishes long-range directions and priorities for the Lab’s Computing Directorate and for the Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing program, which provides cost-effective computing services to LLNL programs and scientists. Quinn also is associate program director for Livermore Computing (LC) for the Weapons Simulation and Computing program, where among other responsibilities, she is helping Chief Technology Officer for LC Bronis de Supinski prepare for the exascale-class supercomputer El Capitan. El Capitan is scheduled for delivery at LLNL later in 2023.

“There are so many top-notch people working on El Capitan. My role is to keep things moving as best as I can and to buffer the people in Livermore Computing from problems they shouldn’t have to worry about,” Quinn told HPCwire. “It’s an honor to work with all the people from LLNL, HPE and AMD who are partnering on this important project. El Capitan will serve national security interests — a noble cause — and this makes me proud to have contributed.”

At LLNL, Quinn has worked for several national security programs, including the Stockpile Stewardship Program, the Treaty Verification Program, the Yucca Mountain Program and the Advanced Simulation and Computing program. Most recently, she was the first director for hardware and integration for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Exascale Computing Project, where she collaborated with DOE to oversee advanced hardware research and development and the deployment of ECP applications and software. She also is a former board member and officer for Open Scalable File Systems Inc.

Prior to working for the Lab, Quinn was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy assigned to Naval Sea Systems Command, Division of Naval Reactors, Washington, D.C.

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