Dec. 21, 2001

HOME Campaign closes at $1.3 million

Employees raised more than $1.3 million to give to community charities and non-profit agencies in this year’s HOME Campaign.

The fund-raising campaign, called HOME, for Helping Others More Effectively, is held each November and December. Employees contribute money to charities of their own choice through monthly payroll deduction and/or onetime check donations.

"The Lab’s HOME Campaign continues to make a difference in the Tri-Valley Area," said David Rice, president of the Tri-Valley Community Foundation, an umbrella agency that funnels HOME Campaign dollars to dozens of charities within the Tri-Valley area. "This is a tremendous gift the Lab gives to the community."

This year’s campaign marks the fourth consecutive year in which employees raised more than $1 million. The total amount, $1.308 million, surpasses last year’s total of 1.26 million.

"This campaign shows how aware our Laboratory employees are of the needs in their community, and how much they want to help," said Wayne Shotts, Associate Director for the Lab’s Nonproliferation, Arms Control and International Security Directorate, which sponsored the campaign.

For 27 years the Laboratory has staged its HOME Campaign to raise money for local nonprofit agencies, as well as umbrella groups such as United Way and the Tri-Valley Community Foundation. In the last seven years that Lab has steadily increased the amount of money donated, raising almost $7 million.
Local agencies such as Tri-Valley Haven for Women, Shepherd’s Gate and Tri-Valley Animal Rescue are among those who benefit greatly from the HOME Campaign.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of this year’s campaign," said Roger Werne, who chaired the effort. "I want to thank all those employees who contributed, as well as the employees in NAI and the Computation Directorate who helped put everything together.

"The HOME Campaign proves that anyone can make a difference in someone’s life."

Computation sponsored this year’s Run for HOME and will chair the 2002 campaign.