High Performance Computing Innovation Center opened

June 30, 2011

High Performance Computing Innovation Center opened

The first facility in the Livermore Valley Open Campus was dedicated Thursday, in a ceremony hosted by Laboratory Deputy Director Tom Gioconda and attended by Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Jerry McNerney, Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena, San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson, Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, and other state and local officials.

The High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) will facilitate national lab/industry collaboration, applying high performance computing to product design, development and manufacturing, data management and the operation of complex energy and communication systems. HPCIC's focus on public/private collaboration will make LLNL's unique supercomputing expertise available to industry in order to boost the nation's standing in the international marketplace.

"This center will increase our competitiveness in the global economy and add to our nation's energy security with innovations in smart grids and renewable energy storage solutions," Gioconda said. "The open, unclassified space also provides easy access for collaboration, with no badges and the ability to use communication equipment unrestricted."

The HPCIC makes available to industry more than two decades of experience as a global leader in supercomputing. Industries expected to benefit from the use of HPC range from aerospace, automotive and transportation to utilities, energy, health care, finance, materials manufacturing, nanotechnology and consumer electronics.

"The open campus serves as an opportunity to share knowledge and information. In this building is an incredible opportunity for America," Garamendi said. "Using research as a tool to create new businesses, we're going to build the economy here in the Tri-Valley area. This center is part of the future of the entire region."

"The open campus and this facility open a tremendous new chapter in transferring technology to industry," McNerney said. "The labs will bring scientific and technical expertise to partner with industry, producing incredible results and helping our nation stay ahead of the curve, which is exactly where we need to be. To see this happen is the most exciting thing."

LLNL offers expertise in every aspect of the management of the HPC center, including storage, analysis and visualization. As a multidisciplinary applied science laboratory, LLNL also has available scientists and engineers with extensive experience applying HPC to a broad set of technical problems.

According to HPCIC Director Fred Streitz, these scientists and engineers are what make this facility so exceptional. "Computing is the future," he said. "It's not just the computer -- without someone with the knowledge and expertise to operate it, it's just a lump of metal. That in-house expertise is what makes this facility so unique and so valuable."

The center is composed of three parts. A large classroom will provide space for both on-site and distance learning. An open collaboration area, mimicking creative spaces found in Silicon Valley, provides a place for facility users to meet, whether face to face or virtually. The third portion of the facility consists of fixed office space, available to partners who will be utilizing the facility on a regular basis and require more permanent workspace.

"The Lab has always collaborated, but this facility is lowering barriers," Streitz said. "This is a place for dialogue to happen, and when the dialogue happens, the magic happens."

See the video of the HPCIC dedication. For more information, see the press release .

Front image on LLNL.gov : The ribbon cutting at the High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC). From left, Sam Brinker, Livermore Site Office; Rep. John Garamendi; Deputy Director Tom Gioconda; Rep. Jerry McNerney; and Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena.