Nov. 9, 2001

Health Services to present latest findings of Lab's Cancer Surveillance Project

Health Services will present the latest findings of the Lab’s Cancer Surveillance Project at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, in the Bldg. 543 auditorium.
Speakers will include Health Center Director Dr. Jim Seward, Dr. Donald Whorton and Dr. Mort Mendelsohn. All employees are invited.

The Cancer Surveillance Project is an initiative to understand the rates of different types of cancer among LLNL employees. The Health Services Department (HSD) initiated this review of employee cancer rates to guide the development of targeted prevention and early detection programs. The presentation, "Update on Cancer Rates Among LLNL Employees," will discuss the types of cancers found and the statistical levels.

Mendelsohn will also present information on the findings of his recent mortality study.