Feb. 8, 2002

FY2003 budget request calls for stronger foundation to ensure energy security

Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham released the DOE/NNSA Fiscal Year 2003 Budget request to Congress Monday, calling the plan a blueprint to "build a stronger foundation for energy security in the 21st century."

The budget request of $21.9 billion will deliver concrete benefits, fulfilling the Bush administration’s commitment to ensuring national security, energy security, energy efficiency, environmental quality, and science and technology. Additionally, the secretary discussed the department’s evolution from an agency focused on Cold War missions to a well-managed, accountable department that is changing the way it does business in the 21st century.

Following the president’s call in the State of the Union address to "do what is necessary to ensure our nation’s security," the department requested $8 billion for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), which directs additional funding to nuclear nonproliferation and stockpile stewardship programs.

Jeffrey Fernandez, LLNL budget officer, said growth in the proposed DOE/NNSA budget in national security programs is "very positive" for the Laboratory. "The budget request presented by Secretary Abraham reflects post-Sept. 11 national security priorities in Laboratory mission areas," Fernandez said. "It is important to remember that the budget rollout is just the start of a lengthy process. The budget figures for the Laboratory are preliminary, very high level and, consequently, may not be complete. It will be many months before we have a clear picture of what the FY 2003 budget will look like." |

Some funding priorities for the FY2003 budget highlights are as follows:
NNSA $8 billion for FY2003
The total funding for NNSA is $8 billion. This is a 5.7 percent increase over the FY2002 appropriations. Included in that appropriation is $358 million for activities in response to the Sept. 11 events. Within the FY2003 total, funding is provided to continue and expand activities to respond to the rapidly changing security environment. The budget requests $510 million for the physical and cyber security activities at the laboratories, plants and Nevada Test Site.
The FY2003 Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation request of $1.1 billion, is $87 million over the FY2002 appropriations. Included in that appropriation is an additional $223 million for activities related to the war on terrorism.

Directed Stockpile Work and Campaigns budget totals $3.3 billion. This funding will support the maintenance and evaluation of the existing stockpile and weapons refurbishment programs as well as fund 15 scientific, engineering and readiness campaigns to develop new capabilities to assess weapon status, extend weapon life and certify the reliability of the stockpile.

Office of Science — $3.3 billion
The request for the Office of Science will support increased funding for operations and instrumentation at Office of Science user facilities, used by over 18,000 university, industry and government researchers. The request also provides:
• Funding to keep the construction of the Spallation Neutron Source on schedule;
• Increases in research, including nanoscience research to understand how to "tailor" materials for specific uses;
• Climate change research, including a new Climate Change Research Initiative, the Human Genome and Genomes to Life programs, and scientific discovery through advanced computing,
• Supercomputer research and development to harness the full capability of modern supercomputers to solve scientific problems; and
• Funds to counter the infrastructure deterioration at Office of Science laboratories.
Newsline will provide additional FY2003 budget information as it becomes available. The entire FY 2003 budget can be accessed via the Internet at http://www.mbe.doe.gov/ budget/03budget/index.htm.