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DOE announces funding for new HPC4Manufacturing industry projects

Jan. 11, 2018 -  
The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) today announced the funding of $1.87 million for seven new industry projects under an ongoing initiative designed to utilize DOE’s high-performance computing (HPC) resources and expertise to advance U.S. manufacturing and clean-...

Siting Sierra: Lawrence Livermore’s newest and fastest supercomputer is taking shape

Nov. 20, 2017 -  
Work is moving fast and furious in the Livermore Computing Complex at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ), where siting and installation for Sierra, the Lab’s next advanced technology high-performance supercomputer, is kicking into high gear. Trucks began delivering racks and hardware...

Lab leads new effort in materials development

Sept. 19, 2017 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) will be part of a multi-lab effort to apply high-performance computing to U.S.-based industry’s discovery, design and development of materials for severe environments under a new initiative announced today by the Department of Energy ( DOE ). The High...

DOE's HPC for Manufacturing Program seeks industry proposals to advance energy tech

June 12, 2017 -  
The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) High Performance Computing for Manufacturing Program , designed to spur the use of national lab supercomputing resources and expertise to advance innovation in energy efficient manufacturing, is seeking a new round of proposals from industry to compete for $3...

HPC4Mfg project aims to reduce costs and time of manufacturing next-gen LED lights

June 8, 2017 -  
Next-generation light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, similar to the lasers used in Blu-Ray players, can emit brighter, whiter light than conventional LEDs, but they’ve yet to replace them on a large scale because the gallium nitride (GaN) substrate they are built on is expensive and difficult to make...
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LLNL team’s code that improves molecular dynamic performance by orders of magnitude among Gordon Bell Prize finalists

Nov. 21, 2016 -  
A Lawrence Livermore team’s dramatically improved first-principles molecular dynamics code that promises to enable new computer simulation applications was one of the finalists for the 2016 Gordon Bell Prize. The team presented its ground breaking project at the 2016 supercomputing conference ( SC1...
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Lawrence Livermore tapped to lead ‘co-design’ center for exascale computing ecosystem

Nov. 11, 2016 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) was one of four national labs selected today to lead a "co-design" center by the Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) as part of a four-year, $48 million funding award. Each co-design center will receive $3 million annually. See the...

National labs' researchers join effort to develop applications under Exascale Computing Project

Sept. 9, 2016 -  
The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) on Wednesday announced its first round of funding with the selection of 15 application development proposals for full funding and seven proposals for seed funding, representing teams from 45 research and academic organizations,...

RAND and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory combine high performance computing and public policy analysis for demonstration of water resource management

Aug. 25, 2016 -  
Researchers from the RAND Corporation and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have joined forces to combine high-performance computing with innovative public policy analysis to improve planning for particularly complex issues such as such as water resource management. Building on previous...
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory dedicates new supercomputer facility

June 29, 2016 -  
Officials from the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and government representatives today dedicated a new supercomputing facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The $9.8 million modular and sustainable facility provides the Laboratory...