Director honors R&D 100 award winners

April 5, 2013

The LEOPARD (Laser Energy Optimization by Precision Adjustments to the Radiant Distribution) technology has been developed to enhance the operability of laser facilities.  Shown are members of the team (left to right), who are joined by Director of Economic Development Buck Koonce (second from the left) and Deputy Director for Science and Technology Bill Goldstein and Director Parney Albright (at the far right). Mike Taranowski, Koonce, Matt Rever, Mark Miller, Jean Michel DiNicola, Jeff Wilburn, Eddy Tse, Kevin Williams, Jeff Jarboe, Michael Borden, John Heebner, Ed Marley, Steve Hunter, Nan Wong, Mark Franks, Mike Scanlan, Phil Miller, Abdul Awwal, Gordon Brunton, Marcus Monticelli, Eric Imhoff, Kim Christensen, Goldstein, and Albright. Four team members -- Sham Dixit, Lynn Seppala, Tracy Budge and Larry Smith - were not in the photo. See more photos on the Web. (Download Image)

Director honors R&D 100 award winners

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Director Parney Albright recently honored the Laboratory scientists and engineers who won six R&D 100 awards for 2012 at a reception at the Livermore Valley Open Campus.

LLNL served as the principal developer for four of the awards, while the other two were joint submissions with individual Laboratory researchers.

Before noting that the R&D 100 awards, often called the "Oscars of invention," are international awards, Albright said, "This Lab performs amazing scientific and engineering feats every day, and it's fantastic when we receive unique external recognition like the R&D 100 awards. Winning these awards is a really big deal for us -- and they carry a lot of prestige with our sponsor base."

The Lab's six awards in 2012 hike its total to 143 since LLNL began competing in 1978.

The R&D 100 awards have long been a benchmark of excellence for industry sectors as diverse as telecommunications, high-energy physics, software, manufacturing and biotechnology.

LLNL's six winners for last year were: High-performance Coatings via High Velocity Laser Accelerated Deposition; Laser Energy Optimization by Precision Adjustments to the Radiant Distribution (LEOPARD); plastic scintillators for neutron and gamma ray detection; the Snowflake Power Divertor for Nuclear Fusion Reactors; the Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter; and the Nano Super Hard InExpensive Laser Deposited Coatings (NanoSHIELD).

In addition to the photo of the LEOPARD team, photos for the other winning teams and winners, along with the ceremony, can be found on the news article.

Editor's note: The Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter (MPDV), a portable optical velocimetry system that simultaneously measures up to 32 discrete surface velocities onto a single digitizer by multiplexing signals in frequency and time, received a sixth R&D 100 award. A team from National Security Technologies, LLC, with assistance from LLNL researcher Ted Strand, who was not able to attend the awards ceremony, earned the award.