Congressman Steve Womack visits the Lab

Sept. 25, 2012

Congressman Steve Womack (right) toured the Center for Micro and Nano Technology with additive manufacturing program leader Chris Spadaccini. (Download Image)

Congressman Steve Womack visits the Lab

Congressman Steve Womack of Arkansas visited the Lab Monday for tours and briefings.

He toured the National Security Vault and the National Ignition Facility and heard briefings on third generation munitions, high explosives research and development and intelligence.

In addition, Womack heard a briefing and toured the Center for Micro and Nano Technology to learn about the work the Laboratory is conducting in additive manufacturing (AM), a new generation of technologies that were actually first developed during the 1970s. AM has recently become more mainstream with the advent of advances in materials, sensors, micromechanics, computational modeling and simulation.

In its simplest form, AM involves creating three-dimensional structures using a machine that sequentially deposits one material on top of another, layer by layer, until the desired shape is complete. It is sometimes called 3D printing, although that term doesn't begin to fully describe the process, which can involve materials with novel properties and shapes.

Womack sits on the n the Appropriations Committee and the Financial Services, Transportation/HUD, and Energy and Water subcommittees. He is vice-chairman of the Energy and Water subcommittee.