LLNL receives accolades from EPA's Federal Green Challenge

Jennie L Doman, LLNL, (925) 423-2216, doman3@llnl.gov

LLNL has received accolades for its 2012 achievements in waste reduction and green purchasing as part of its participation in the Federal Green Challenge (FGC). The FGC is a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the EPA that challenges federal agencies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. FGC participants commit to a minimum 5 percent reduction in two of six target areas: Energy, electronics, purchasing, transportation, water and waste.

Collectively in 2012, LLNL and 67 other FGC participants in the Pacific Southwest prevented more than 40,000 tons of waste from reaching landfills, reduced energy consumption by more than 57.5 million KWh, reduced natural gas consumption by more than 342 million cubic feet and saved more than 357 million gallons of water.

To view LLNL's Federal Green Challenge certificate of achievement, see the Web.

For more information on the Federal Green Challenge and LLNL's environmental efforts, contact Jennifer Doman, Sustainability Performance Program manager.

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