Laboratory science on display

Lynda L Seaver, LLNL, (925) 423-3103, seaver1@llnl.gov

Dan Nelson, Fun with Science presenter, conducts a liquid nitrogen experiment at the expo.

Photos by Bob Hirschfeld/LLNL

The interactive, four-person video 'Science Challenge' was a popular exhibit at the expo.
Science was on full display over the weekend as the second USA Science & Engineering Expo returned to Washington, D.C. Thousands of aspiring scientists, engineers and technicians queued up at the Laboratory's four booths to test their knowledge of basic science information, try their best at solving the world's energy needs while keeping any impact to the environment to a minimum, participate in the interactive Fun With Science shows, or learn about the National Ignition Facility.

The festival is considered the nation's largest celebration of science and engineering.

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