New issue of Science & Technology Review focuses on brightest X-rays

Anne M Stark, LLNL, (925) 422-9799, stark8@llnl.gov

The January/February 2011 issue of Science & Technology Review is now online. This issue's feature article "Groundbreaking Science with the World's Brightest X Rays," reports on how Livermore researchers are conducting some of the first experiments on the Linac Coherent Light Source, which generates X-ray pulses more than a billion times brighter than ever before produced. In addition, a research highlight describes control system enhancements at the National Ignition Facility that are helping to bolster understanding of experimental data and keep the system performing at its peak. Another highlight features Livermore-developed multilayer mirrors on board the Solar Dynamics Observatory, which are enabling unprecedented full-disk, high-resolution images of the sun. A final highlight reports on a novel combination of imaging techniques being used to understand the three-dimensional architecture of plant cell walls.

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