Keane wins special Fusion Power Associates award

Lynda L Seaver, LLNL, (925) 423-3103, seaver1@llnl.gov

Chris Keane

Chris Keane, of the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate and a former senior manager for the Department of Energy's fusion energy program, is a recipient of the Board of Directors Special Award from Fusion Power Associates (FPA). Keane was presented with his award during the FPA meeting and symposium in Washington D.C. Wednesday.

FPA Special Awards have been given periodically since 1980 to recognize individuals who have made special contributions to fusion development.

Keane, who led the inertial confinement fusion program at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for many years, was honored "in recognition of and appreciation for managerial contributions to the inertial confinement fusion technical program achievements that occurred during and beyond" his tenure at NNSA and DOE.

A leading scientist in X-ray laser research, Keane led the inertial fusion program during initiation of the National Ignition Facility Project, conclusion of a key bi-national agreement with the French Nuclear Energy Agency, an effort to reclaim U.S. leadership in petawatt laser research, construction of the OMEGA EP laser at the University of Rochester, and the development of new programs in high energy density physics. He was the federal manager who oversaw the beginning of the National Ignition Campaign, the formal program to integrate national and international efforts to drive for ignition on NIF.

He also provided the leadership and insight that increased the scientific collaborative efforts of U.S. inertial confinement fusion research internationally and across departmental lines in the United States.

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