Lynda Tesillo

Lynda Tesillo

“LLNL is a great place to work because of the unique mission, exciting science and engineering, and fantastic work-life balance.”

Lynda was intrigued by LLNL’s mission to study and practice science in the national interest. “The diverse and exciting science and engineering work being done here is unmatched anywhere else!” she says. She applied to LLNL because she is passionate about the mission and wanted to serve her country through engineering. She felt that LLNL also provides amazing work–life balance and continuing education programs.

She feels she is constantly learning and growing as an engineer. She is also a member of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA) and the Early Career Employees Group (ECEG). Lynda joined LLLWA because she wanted to help empower and strengthen women at LLNL. “LLLWA strives to develop women professionally and personally and I absolutely want to be a part of that. I joined ECEG because, as an early career employee myself, I am passionate about ensuring that all new employees learn the skills and have the tools that they need to thrive professionally and personally as they start their careers at LLNL,” she says.

Lynda believes diversity and inclusion is paramount to being able to innovate and advance science and technology through diverse thought and varying perspectives. It is also important in ensuring that all employees are comfortable being their whole selves and feeling fully included at work.

Her role models include every woman in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that has come before her: “They have endured so many obstacles and overcome numerous barriers that have allowed me to thrive today as a female engineer.”