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A home for military and veterans

We proudly support military students, active/reserve enlisted and commissioned servicemembers, and veterans; providing a place where many can call home during and after their years of service.

The mission-focused culture of LLNL allows for student alignment as well as active/reserve servicemembers and veterans to both work and transition smoothly from military to civilian life while still contributing to a larger purpose.

Our Veterans in Energy Technology & Science (VETS) employee resource group hosts annual events and fundraisers as a way to support our military and veterans on campus and strengthen the spirit of giving back to the community. Regardless of the career path you choose, you have a place with us.

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Internships to jumpstart your career


Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Internship

Through our ROTC internships, we provide opportunities for active ROTC members and recent graduates to explore scientific research at LLNL while awaiting the next step in their military journey. Our paid internships focus on fostering a collaborative spirit and providing interns a glimpse into our mission in support of defense and national security.

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Military Academic Research Associates (MARA) Internship

Our MARA internships provide opportunities for academy cadets, midshipmen, faculty, second lieutenants, and ensigns who want to explore scientific research at LLNL in support of defense and national security. Academy appointments allow interns to work closely with a mentor in a scientific field that matches their interests and military career goals, helping to solve challenging national issues.

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Curious to see what other opportunities we offer? See the full list of military and veteran internship programs.

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Veterans giving back to the community

Our military veterans have built a strong culture of giving back to the community, both within and outside of our campus. The VETS employee resource group hosts several annual events and fundraising initiatives aimed at helping not just our veteran community, but the community at large. Read more about the VETS group's community outreach efforts below.

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for Kids is an annual campaign to help raise funds for military members and their children. Our VETS group uses the funds raised through this effort to supply backpacks and school supplies directly to students in need.


The VETS Scholarship is granted annually to veteran students at Las Positas College and Delta College. Not only does this scholarship help a veteran in need, but it helps our wider community by supporting veterans in STEM fields.

Livermore VA Hospital Breakfast

Each Veterans Day, our VETS group and youth serve breakfast at the VA hospital in Livermore. This is a wonderful way to foster a sense of community in younger people while giving back to veterans in a tangible way.

The Lab Ride

The VETS group and Alameda County Fire Department team up each year for the Lab Ride and BBQ, a local motorcycle ride for veterans and their supporters. Money raised during the event goes back to support veteran initiatives.

Annual BBQ Fundraiser

We proudly host the VETS BBQ each year on the 4th of July. Fundraising from this event supports scholarships and career-building workshops for local veterans.

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