School tours

School science classes can tour some of the nation’s most exciting research facilities located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Working with teachers, we can personalize the tour to include the following tour stops:

  • the National Ignition Facility, the world’s largest laser, used for national security, energy, and basic science research
  • the National Atmospheric Research Advisory Center, which can track and predict the spread of hazardous atmospheric releases anywhere in the world

Tours are offered free of charge on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Group size may range from 25 to a maximum of 40 people, including adult chaperones. A minimum 4:1 student-to-chaperone ratio is required, including the school teacher.

Transportation is the school’s responsibility. LLNL policy requires students to be transported by a commercial carrier licensed to transport school children.

As a national security laboratory, all attendees (including the students, teacher, adult chaperones and bus driver) must provide personal information to the Laboratory in advance of the tour date for badging purposes and have their official identification with them to present at the LLNL Badge Office on the day of the tour. Parental permission slips are required for all students.

To make a reservation, teachers may contact the Public Affairs Office at (925) 422-4599 or A detailed packet of information will be provided to the teacher to arrange for the tour. See the tour flier for information.

Fun With Science Field Trips


For other student-oriented tours, teachers and students are invited to participate in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Fun With Science Field Trips, provided free of charge to local elementary schools. The program, specifically designed for 5th grade classes, is offered on Monday through Friday mornings during the school year. One class at a time is scheduled to provide ample opportunity for active student engagement.

During the field trip, students will enjoy a combination of science displays, group activities, and hands-on experiments. Activities are matched to fifth grade California State Science Standards.

The schedule for the morning is:

9:00–10:00 a.m. — Tour of the Laboratory’s Discovery Center: students experience numerous science and technology displays and play our “Discovery Center” game.

10:00–11:30 a.m. — Fun with Science: students participate in experiments performed by a Lab scientist to reinforce basic concepts about electricity, chemistry, density, air pressure and states of matter.

The Fun With Science Field Trip is extremely popular, and reservations fill up fast. To request a date, please complete and return the reservation form. You will be contacted to confirm a date. For more information, please contact the Laboratory at (925)423-3272 or via e-mail.

Super Science handouts: DNA | Engineering | Environmental | Physics

Videos: Fun With Science

Club tours and speciality tours

Scout troops and science clubs are invited to experience a science adventure at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center has a variety of displays relating to the incredible science and engineering being done here at the Livermore Lab in support of national and homeland security and other important areas of science.

Discovery Center hours: 

Tuesday – Friday: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The Laboratory’s Website has a wealth of information about cutting-edge science. The site also has information on K–14 educational outreach programs that are free to the public.

To schedule a field trip, please send e-mail or call 925-423-3272.

For related tours, see school tours and Fun With Science Field Trips.