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Q: I read the letter from Norman Pattiz and reviewed the members of the search committee. Why are there members from UC Davis, but no representation from UC Merced? It is my understanding that the Merced campus is doing a great job in the area of STEM majors, and they are a campus we should be doing more partnering with. Their feedback may be helpful.
Dec. 2013

A: UC Merced does have a close working partnership with LLNL, as does UC Davis and other campuses. Members of the Search Committee were approved by Regent and Chairman of the LLNS Board of Governors Norman Pattiz and UC President Janet Napolitano with input from the Academic Senate Chair William Jacob in accordance with Regental policy. UC participants include Regents Varner and Pattiz (Committee Chair), President Napolitano, Senior Vice President Emeritus Frazer, Vice President Mara, UC Davis Chancellor Katehi, Past Chair of the Academic Senate Powell, and UC Berkeley Professor Van Bibber. The Search Committee is not intended to have representation from each campus.

Q: How will you select the employees to meet with on Lab Day? Will all areas of the Lab be represented?
Dec. 2013

A: The Laboratory Director's Office is responsible for coordinating Lab Day and is working with the PADs and ADs to establish five cross-organizational employee focus groups that will meet with the Search Committee in January. The five focus groups include: technical senior managers, functional representatives, mid-career scientists and engineers, professional/ administrative, and post docs/early career. Focus groups will consist of ˜12 employees each selected by the Laboratory. Under the leadership of a group spokesperson, the focus groups will be asked to organize their comments and input on the LLNL Director search to present to the Search Committee. The focus groups will be finalized by early-to-mid December.

Q: Will there be expert scientists included in the selection process who can judge the Director candidates' scientific credentials?
Dec. 2013

A: Yes. Members of the Search Committee have been drawn from the LLNS Board of Governors, University of California Regents, and members of the University of California faculty, Lab employees, as well as others with appropriate expertise and experience.

Further, the Search Committee will be advised by a Screening Task Force. The Task Force comprises noted scientists and administrators who are knowledgeable about LLNL, its scientific work and its role as a DOE national laboratory, and who are well informed about the relevant LLNL scientific areas. LLNL employees also are well represented on the Task Force, along with representatives from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The Task Force will review applications and nominations received for the position. It will recommend approximately 15 individuals to the Search Committee for further consideration, but the Search Committee can also look at additional candidates at its discretion.

Q: Is there any opportunity for LLNL employees and managers to share their views with the Search Committee on what the Lab needs in a new Director?
Dec. 2013

A: Yes. In January, the Search Committee will be at the Laboratory for what is called "Lab Day." The objective of Lab Day is twofold: to gain insights into LLNL, its employees, and future opportunities and challenges; and to gather input from representative staff regarding the qualities and experience considered most important for the next Director. The Committee will use that input to further develop selection criteria to be used to assess the candidates during the search process to determine the best individual for the position.

Although the Search Committee will only be able to speak to a small number of the Lab staff, your views are very important to the Committee. The Search Committee encourages you to communicate your thoughts on the qualities and experience that you believe are most important for the next Laboratory Director, along with the names of candidates you want to be considered for the position. Any communication sent to the Search Committee at or to the UCOP mail address provided on the position description will be held in confidence.

Q. Will the new Director be required to reside in Alameda County?
Dec. 2013

A. LLNS and the Laboratory have demonstrated a commitment to support and be actively engaged in Alameda County and other regional communities, but LLNS has not made it a requirement that the Director live in Alameda County.