Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Contact Information

University of California
Office of the President
Lab Management Office
1111 Broadway, Suite 1450
Oakland, CA 94607-4081

Ann Willoughby
Office: (510) 987-0836
Fax: (510) 839-3831

Search Committee

Search Committee for the selection of a director for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
February 2014

Norman Pattiz, Search Committee Chairman
Chairman, LLNS Board of Governors
Chairman, UC Regents Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories

Linton Brooks
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Former Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear
Security and NNSA Administrator

Craig Albert
Vice Chairman, LLNS Board of Governors
Bechtel Systems & Infrastructure, Inc.

Kim Budil
N Program Manager
Global Security
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

William Frazer
LLNS Board of Governors Executive Committee
Chair, Science & Technology Committee
Senior Vice President Emeritus
UC Office of the President

Persis Drell
Professor of Physics Stanford University and Professor and Director Emerita SLAC National Accellerator Laboratory

Glenn Mara
LLNS Board of Governors Executive Committee
Chair, Nomination &Compensation Committee
Vice President of Laboratory Management
UC Office of the President

Linda Katehi
University of California, Davis

Bruce Varner
LLNS Board of Governors Chairman,
UC Board of Regents Partner,
Varner & Brandt, LLP

Bob Powell
Past UC Academic Senate Chair 2012-2013
University of California, Davis

Janet Napolitano (ex-officio member)
University of California

Bob Rosner
Departments of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics
University of Chicago
Former Director Argonne National Laboratory

Marvin Adams
(Screening Task Force Chairman)
HTRI Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Director, Institute for National Security Education
and Research
Texas A&M University

Karl Van Bibber
Professor and Chair
School of Nuclear Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

Mike Anastasio
Director Emeritus
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ann Willoughby (Staff to Search Committee)
LLNS Assistant Secretary
Director Laboratory Governance
UC Laboratory Management Office