Tung-Yu (Chinnie) Kwan

Tsun-Yu (Chinnie) Kwan died Sept. 6. She was 81.

Tsun-Yu (Chinnie) Kwan passed away peacefully at her home in Kensington, California, on Sept. 6, six days short of her 82nd birthday.

Kwan was born Sept. 12, 1933, in Tientsin (Tianjin), China. She was the sixth and youngest child of Sung-Sing Kwan and Vong-Ling Lee. In 1948 she came to the United States. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts with a degree in biochemistry. Kwan worked as a research biochemist in Boston and in the Bay Area at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She was a 45+ year resident of Berkeley and Kensington.

Kwan was preceded in death by her mother and father; her brothers Tsun-Ying (Lawrence) Kwan and Tsun-Chieh (Jack) Kwan and her sister Tsun-Hsien (Doris) Kwan Bhagat. She is survived by her sister Dr. Tsun-Yee (Sunny) Lawrence and her brother Tsun-Wu (William) Kwan; her sisters-in-law Agnes Y. Kwan and Margaret Y. Kwan, and brothers-in-law Shantilal Bhagat and Dr. William Lawrence. She will be greatly missed by her nieces and nephews, her cousins, the Sung family, her many friends and her beloved dog, Tinker.

In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory may be made to Untours Foundation or to a charity of your choice.