Roy Stribling Cornwell


Roy Stribling Cornwell died June 15. He was 96.

Cornwell was born to John Lee Cornwell and Allie Stribling on Oct. 9, 1922 in Nashville, North Carolina. As a small boy, he dreamed of flying airplanes. He enlisted in the Navy and learned to fly after getting his aeronautical engineering degree from North Carolina State. Shortly thereafter he met Sara Frances Foster, who was attending William & Mary College in Virginia. They saw the world as Cornwell traveled with the Pacific and Atlantic fleets. His squadron was the “Top Hats”.

After retiring as a commander from the U.S. Navy, Cornwell joined Lawrence Livermore Laboratory’s Z Division. After he and Sara divorced, he met Loree (Dolores) Mulqueeney Castro. They wed in 1974, and he began life with Loree and her two daughters, Karen (Duffey) and Michele (Michael), both deceased.

He is survived by his four children, Allie (Scott), Roy Jr., Karen and David, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. Donations may be made to an organization in his name, or the Alzheimer's Association

Cornwell’s memorial service be at Unitarian Universalist Church, Livermore on Friday, Sept. 20 at 11:30 a.m. Reception will follow at 1 p.m. at the Martinelli Event Center.