Helping Local Communities

Each year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) sponsors an employee fund-raising drive for nonprofit agencies, called the HOME Campaign (Helping Others More Effectively). The Laboratory has been raising monies through the HOME Campaign for more than 30 years. Over the years, HOME has become one of the region’s most generous annual charity drives, with employee contributions benefiting more than 420 local charities and umbrella organizations, such as United Way. Since 1997, the HOME Campaign has raised more than $1 million in employee donations annually. The Laboratory’s managing contractor, Lawrence Livermore National Security, LCC (LLNS), matches dollar-for-dollar matching funds to the annual employee HOME donations up to $1 million, nearly doubling the contribution value to participating agencies.

LLNL's giving campaign HOME is an employee-focused process. Hence, merely appearing on the recipient menu only makes a charity available but does not guarantee that any employees will choose it for their donations and certainly does not guarantee that it will receive any minimum amount or percentage of donations during any annual giving campaign. Furthermore, only employees can propose new organizations for the approved-recipient menu; organizations cannot nominate themselves.

The Laboratory has many other employee giving programs that benefit its local communities. LLNL is recognized by the American Cancer Society (ACS) as the largest workplace donor in Northern California to the ACS annual Daffodil Day fund-raising drive. It is also the largest blood donor in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The Lab’s Brighter Holidays, started in 1989 with just a few local Livermore families, now assists hundreds of needy individuals in nine counties.

As a federally funded entity, LLNL is prohibited from making direct monetary contributions to sponsor fund raising events and/or non-profit agencies. All charitable funding raising conducted at the Laboratory is employee based. In addition to the HOME Campaign, LLNS, the Laboratory's managing contractor, has a Community Giving Program that accepts applications from local 501(c)3 charitable organizations during an annual call for gift requests. More information on LLNS and its Corporate Giving Program is available on the LLNS Website.