Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recognizes the importance of close relationships with its surrounding communities. This includes elected officials, local community leaders, neighbors, school districts, educators, civic organizations, and other citizens groups.

Through these relationships, Community & Education Programs seeks to foster greater public awareness of Laboratory programs, scientific and technological achievements, educational opportunities, and operations.

We manage the Laboratory’s Discovery Center, Community Tour Program, K-12 Educational Outreach, Environmental Community Relations and Speaker’s Bureau. We also provide assistance to community members wanting information about LLNL and publish a quarterly community newsletter, Discover LLNL.

Community Center Contacts

Richard Farnsworth, Science Education Program
Nadine Horner, External Relations Officer
Carrie Martin, Special Projects
Diane Nelson, Discovery Center
Scott Wilson, Community Relations Officer / State Govt. Liaison

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OFF HOURS: A Public Information Officer is always available to respond to questions from the news media. Journalists may call (925) 422-4599 at any time for help in reaching a PIO. Click here to receive future news releases

Laboratory Team wins 6 R&D 100 Awards

COMMUNITY EVENT: Ed Moses, right, guides students in a demonstration on stage that explains the force of laser beams on a target during a Science on Saturday lecture about the National Ignition Facility.

Public Affairs Contacts by Subject Area

Community Center at LLNL

The Community Center is located on Credit Union Drive, just off Greenville Road and just south of the Eastgate entrance to the Laboratory.

Map & directions to Westgate Badge Office

For more information:

Phone: (925) 422-4599

Fax: (925) 422-4599



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