Zavarin named Director of Glenn T. Seaborg Institute

Mavrik Zavarin has been named the new Director of The Glenn T. Seaborg Institute (GTSI) in the Physical & Life Sciences Directorate. In this capacity, Mavrik will continue to develop the GTSI's mission to carry out cutting-edge research in areas key to LLNL's Nuclear Security and Energy & Environment mission areas, with an emphasis on providing opportunities for the education and training of students (both undergraduate and graduate) and postdocs in relevant areas of research. The GTSI is an essential element of the PLS workforce pipeline and aims to foster university collaborations involving the physics and chemistry of the actinides and superheavy elements, nuclear forensics, and environmental radiochemistry. As Director of GTSI, Mavrik will interact with PLS and LLNL senior management, university faculty, federal R&D sponsors, national laboratories, and the international community. He will be responsible for initiating and sustaining internationally prominent, multi-disciplinary programs within the Institute.

Mavrik has over 18 years of experience in leading and managing projects and programs, including his time as a member of the DOE Office of Science's Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee from 2006 to 2010, when he advised the Director of Office of Science on the many complex scientific and technical issues that arose in the development and implementation of DOE's biological and environmental research programs. As a principal investigator for projects funded by DOE's Office of Science, Office of Environmental Management, Office of Nuclear Energy, and NNSA, he has developed relationships with a variety of federal sponsors and has effectively promoted LLNL's research capabilities.

Mavrik received both his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, and his Ph.D. in Soils Science from UC Berkeley. Mavrik joined LLNL in 1998, is currently a member of PLS' Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division (NACS), and is an adjunct professor at both Las Positas Community College and Clemson University.