Safety and security are “designed into” all Laboratory activities. All employees are accountable for their actions, and they are expected to perform their work safely and securely. Experts in safety and security are embedded in each of the Laboratory’s organizations to provide day-to-day support. Other analysts, technicians, engineers, and specialists in the Security Directorate and the Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality Organization provide support to all Laboratory activities.

Safety and Security

Safety a Top Priority. The health and safety of Livermore employees and the public are of paramount importance, and safety and health considerations are an explicit part of project planning and work execution at the Laboratory. The Laboratory has put into place effective systems and procedures to ensure that safety standards are met. Livermore’s Integrated Safety Management System provides a framework through which safety procedures, practices, and performance are continually improved.

Commitment to Strengthened Security. As a national security laboratory, LLNL is entrusted with the protection of sensitive information, nuclear materials, and other valuable assets. An extensive security infrastructure is in place and upgrades are continually made in cyber security, material control and accountability, counterintelligence, and physical protection to address new threats and concerns. Effective implementation of the Laboratory’s Integr ated Safeguards and Security Management System ensures that all employees are properly trained and held accountable for their actions.