Lawrence Livermore publishes a selection of documents that provide a wealth of information about the Laboratory’s mission, operations, core capabilities, technologies, outreach activities and history.

Science & Technology Review. The Laboratory’s bimonthly magazine, which aims to communicate Lawrence Livermore’s scientific, technological, and engineering accomplishments to a wide audience.

Annual Report. Highlights of LLNL’s accomplishments during the past year, illustrating how we have applied science and technology to solve nationally and globally important problems.

LLNL Press Kit: Connections to the Community; Energy and Environment; Global Security; Management and Operations; National Ignition Facility and Photon Science; Science and Technology; Technology Transfer; Unique Facilities and Centers; Weapons and Complex Integration

Site Annual Environmental Report. The results of LLNL’s environmental monitoring and compliance effort and an assessment of the impact of Laboratory operations on the environment and public.

Science That Matters. A collection of Laboratory discoveries, innovations, and breakthroughs over the course of its history.

Fifty Years of Accomplishments. A year-by-year retrospective of LLNL accomplishments published to commemorate the Laboratory’s 50th anniversary.

Lab Report. A weekly review of scientific and technological achievements from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Library. Portal to the Laboratory’s library, including LLNL publications, library catalogs, and other online library resources.