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Aerial view of LLNL
This panorama of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was taken from its southwest corner, showing much of the one-square-mile campus.

Welcome to the LLNL Protocol and Special Events Office

The Office of Laboratory Protocol and Special Events at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) serves as the primary point of contact to the Laboratory's director and senior managers for planning and hosting strategic visits, meetings, and ceremonial events for visiting high-level dignitaries of United States and foreign government offices, academia, military, and industry.

Protocol provides effective logistical design and management services to include the following:

  • Serving as the logistical lead and arranging requirements, such as transfer of security and special access clearances, badging, Laboratory tours, hotel-contract negotiation, meeting room management, exhibit and poster display, audio-visual services, parking, transportation, and special events.
  • Preparing and distributing agendas, contacting and coordinating speakers, information sheets and maps, room confirmations, name badges and place cards, briefing-information packets, lunch, reception, and dinner invitations.
  • Escorting visitors/meeting attendees and remaining at the event to provide oversight of planned logistics.

For information regarding community tours, please contact our Public Affairs Office.



Protocol Office: 925-423-6820

Dustin Riggs
Dustin W. Riggs
Chief Protocol Officer
(925) 422-5780
(925) 579-4028 cell
(925) 422-9507 fax
riggs4 [at] (Email address)
Sandra M. Jackson
Sandra M. Jackson
Executive Protocol Officer
(925) 422-7609
(925) 667-5854 cell
(925) 422-9507 fax
jackson75 [at] (Email address)

Stephanie M. Loredo
Stephanie M. Loredo
Executive Protocol Officer
(925) 422-0830
(925) 724-9070 cell
(925) 422-9507 fax
loredo1 [at] (Email address)
Michele M. Morris
Michele M. Morris
Executive Protocol Officer
(925) 423-3578
(925) 344-9648 cell
(925) 422-9507 fax
morris75 [at] (Email address)



Procedures for classified incoming visits apply to visitors from other sites and agencies who hold active security clearances and are visiting for purposes in which classified discussion will take place or there will be access to classified matter.

The general guidelines and methods by which classified incoming visits are processed and approved are based on the visitor's originating facility, verification of the visitor's identity and clearance level, and determination of "need-to-know."

Your protocol officer will inform you of the required clearances needed for your visit. If your security office needs assistance, please contact Visitor Control at (925) 422-6313. Visitor Control is the LLNL point-of-contact for incoming visits.



LLNL's mission involves national security and entry onto the Laboratory site is strictly regulated. Your protocol representative will contact you to make arrangements on what information is needed in order to be granted a badge to gain admittance to the Laboratory. Visitors and the news media should be aware of LLNL's policies on photography and its rules for bringing restricted and controlled items on to the site.

All guests will be required to provide personal information in order gain entry to the Laboratory. You will receive a form from your protocol representative to complete prior to your visit. When you have completed this form, you will be asked to fax the form to (925) 422-9507.

The information provided on the visitor information form should match the official photo identification you will present upon your arrival. Forms of acceptable official photo identification include a valid driver's license, Department of Motor Vehicles identification card, military identification card, or valid passport plus visa documentation and all accompanying documentation. Visitors will not be allowed into the Laboratory without the proper identification in their possession.

You must wear the badge conspicuously at all times while you are at LLNL and must turn your badge in at the security checkpoint as you leave the Laboratory.



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Bay Area Map to LLNL

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