All types of video recording equipment, including digital cameras, film cameras, camcorders, commercial video recording equipment and any other equipment with video image recording capability, are considered controlled items.

Privately owned video recording equipment may be brought into (non-classified) Property Protection Areas but must be turned off and secured (e.g., in a locked vehicle or a cell-phone garage). They may not be taken into any building, trailer, or (classified) Limited Area without a Controlled Items Permit. Any use of such equipment at LLNL requires a Controlled Items Permit.

Photography/Videotaping by News Media

All news media requests to bring still cameras or video recording equipment onto the Laboratory site are handled through the Public Affairs Office. The Public Affairs Office will determine what kind of equipment will be used, where it will be used, what will be photographed, the name and citizenship of the photographer, who the escort will be, and the dates and times for the photography/videotaping. Public Affairs will then coordinate with the Security Organization and Badge Office to issue a press badge to the approved media personnel. All media will be escorted by Public Affairs staff.

As a general rule, media are not permitted to bring camera equipment on site to obtain file footage. Taking shots for file footage (e.g., video or still photos with the Laboratory as background) is permissible from off site. Existing video file footage of the Laboratory can be requested from the Public Affairs Office.

What Can Be Photographed

Photographing and videotaping the Laboratory from off site is permitted. Photographing and videotaping within (non-classified) Property Protection Areas of the Laboratory is permitted upon prior arrangement with the LLNL Public Affairs Office.

What Cannot Be Photographed

Photographing and videotaping in (classified) Limited Areas is prohibited without prior approval by the LLNL Security Organization and Laboratory management. In situations where such approval has been granted, the area will first be surveyed by Security personnel before any media cameras are allowed in the area.

If there are any questions on prohibited or controlled items,
call the Security Organization, Information Security Division at (925) 422-9191.